How to purchase the webinars:

• Please choose a type of membership that suits your situation, from one of the three rows below. If you think you might count as a small organisation, please email [email protected] to check first.

All memberships include access to the recording. But you don’t need to register for the live event or attend, if you haven’t got the time, or you’re not free to join, ‘live’, at 11am (for the 6 special topics) or at 2pm (for the 12 ‘ordinary level’ webinars) on Wednesdays, every month, or have no pressing need to ask live questions about the legal framework. You’ll hear questions from others, on the recording, in due course.

Individual members are automatically registered for their webinar(s) when they check out and pay.

• Organisations’ lead purchasers are sent instructions and a voucher code for passing on to staff/students. The recipients covered by the Membership need to come to this site and Redeem their Vouchers, and will be automatically registered for webinars after entering their own personal details on the system, once.

• Payment for all memberships can be made online using Paypal or card, and all purchasers receive documentation to evidence their purchase, by return, via email.

• If you are an individual who can’t pay with Paypal or a card, email [email protected] for an invoice.

• If you are an organisation, we would prefer you to order on this site and pay with Paypal or a card. Please do email [email protected] if you absolutely need an invoice or can only process invoices with your own organisation’s purchase order number on them. We will manually upload you to the system and ensure that you get links for your staff/students.