The webinar shop is open – let’s see if we can make Care Act compliance a people’s movement!

My webinar shop is now open for business – from this site, on the Webinars tab, above right on the tool bar.

Many thanks, first of all, to Aidan Pollitt, John Peters, and to Mark Rattan, of Western Studios, in the States, who’s done the coding to make it really simple to get registered for the upcoming webinars.

I hope you’ll have a look and agree that the e-shop makes purchasing this kind of training easy, secure, and automated.

Of course I’m also hoping to see as many people online on April 6th for the first 2pm session, or collecting their Recording, later on that day.

Please feel free to send questions (on the topic of advocacy, assessment and eligibility for service users, that is!) in advance to [email protected]

For those of a nervous disposition, there is a tab about Technical Requirements on the bottom tool bar, with a test link to practise with. But whatever goes wrong with the internet or your own hardware, you WILL GET a recording, if you register! 

I will also be putting up registration details for a TRIAL run of your technology for Tuesday 29th April that will be up all day. I won’t be waving, but you will see a screen, if it’s working from your end!



Belinda Schwehr

About Belinda Schwehr

Belinda has been a lawyer (both a barrister and then a solicitor advocate), a law lecturer at a university, and a trainer and consultant specialising in Adults' Social Care legal framework issues. She first became interested in social care law when the Gloucestershire case was running between 1995 and 1997, never having met a real live social worker, before that point! She regards social care as the most interesting field of law she has ever been associated with, combining aspects of public law, the regulation of power, economics, management skills, EU law, procurement, criminal law, incapacity law, land law and contract, and doesn't expect ever to tire of the stuff. If the Care Act is going to be the last word on it, however, she would like to think it was worth all that sitting there and getting fatter whilst thinking about how it should all hang together! She does glass craftwork and house renovations for a hobby, has one son in his twenties, and about 5000 online friends... soon to be 50,000, with any luck!

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