Technical and Admin Requirements

Technical and Admin Requirements for existing and prospective purchasers

Accessing the LIVE Webinars on the day for which they are scheduled:

  • The sessions are offered as training: they are not legal advice sessions, so no questions about specific identifiable current service user or carer situations can be taken. I have a team of nationwide advisers who can help with those, for a small consultancy fee – email me separately, please if you need this sort of help.
  • The webinars operate via the GoToWebinar platform, which offers the most widely accessible interface for users without any special technical or IT knowledge or download rights.
  • This link below will tell you whether you can successfully use the software on your preferred device, so you can be confident before you make a purchasing decision. The webinar software works on all modern mobile phones, laptops and PCs, tablets and on IOS, I-phone and Android devices.
  • Here is a test link for your preferred device –
  • After clicking on this test link when you are connected to the internet, all you need to do is click on Launch Application – you don’t need end user download rights.
  • For those keen to participate in the live events, the audio options for listening and speaking are simple – you either need to use a phone – a hands-free one with a speaker is best because mobiles are not pleasant to have up near your head for a long time unless you have earphones.
  • The other alternative is to just use VOIP – this is the processing of voice data over the internet. This method depends on the computer on which they’re running the webinar, having a sound card and speaker, otherwise nothing is heard. This can be good even in a busy office if you use a headset – it prevents disturbing others.
  • Actually speaking back into the session, to ask a question, over VOIP, can only work if your laptop has a microphone, or you are on a device with a camera with a mic.
  • Some people prefer to type questions in the Questions box, if not using a phone as the primary means for audio engagement. I will always read out the question rather than just answer it, so if one is not keen to be heard in person, on the webinar, but one has a question to ask, then that’s the way to go.
  • On the day of the event, in case anyone who’s paid, is struggling with their registration or tech, I go online half an hour before the session starts and can be phoned on 07974 399361.
  • On the day, for those who have paid, or been paid for, you will always find the LIVE webinar invitation link as a new blog post – I will pursue anyone registering on the day to check up which organisation you were associated with and paid for, by!
  • Running time: given this is the first time I am running these webinars, it is not possible for me to guarantee sticking to the advertised duration. I have run over seriously in one, so far. However, because you get the recording, I am obliged in professional terms to finish it, even if people ask me more questions than anticipated or if I go off at a tangent, because if I do not, the slides would not show on the recording. The duration would never be more than 2.5 hours, so a good idea is to advertise a slot of that length, so that the staff doing it together can discuss what the relevance of the material is for their practice, in what should generally be half an hour spare after the intended 2 hours; and they could use the time to identify further questions they’d like to ask.
  • The questions and answers are written up for Community Care magazine, in the week or so after the session, and I welcome receiving more by way of email to [email protected], as long as they are not requests for legal advice.



Logistics for large room sessions


  • If you have bought an organisations based subscription, you are welcome to use any one of your 2-5 live seat entitlement to hook the session up to a roomful of people – up to 2 or 5 roomfuls, if you want! It works best in a room for no more than 10 people, seated around a table with an all round speakers type of conference phone.
  • That way, people can both speak and hear without typing – but if you are going for a larger room than that, you must get your IT people to address the audio volume issue in advance – the laptop speaker won’t be enough. Speakers can be put through a computer or the projector if you are watching on a large screen. Bear in mind that if you do it like this, the audience won’t be able to ask questions other than through conveying them to someone near the computer keyboard, to type in, however.

Registering your staff, if you are an Organisation – prior to live webinars, or for recordings

On having made a purchase, either by card or by invoice, the lead purchaser for an organisation, whether large or small, and whether buying 12 or 18 webinars, receives a document called Your Vouchers after the purchase is completed.

This document contains two voucher codes to be given to other staff/students:  one for those who will be registering to attend one or more of the live webinars, and one for those (most) who will register for recordings only.

One’s intended participants (staff, students or colleagues) then need to use the appropriate voucher code themselves, individually, online, in order to make an account.

This is done by use of the code in the Redeem Voucher box, which will make the system treat them as if they were making an individual member’s purchase – the person will be asked to enter their personal details ONCE, ie  a username/email address and password, and a mobile phone number – in the context of making an apparent ‘individual’ order for the webinars, but without having to pay in person, of course.

Live seat registrants choose one webinar at a time, so that the organisation can share the live seats out fairly, transferring them from event to event to different people, according to interest or need. Having a lead purchaser who is an operational lead is therefore a good idea, because someone needs to make a sensible allocation of the live seats entitlement.

These people receive confirmed GoToWebinar joining links via their inboxes, and reminder emails before the event. All live event registrants automatically receive instructions for accessing the recording for that particular webinar as well.

People allocated a registration for more than one of the webinars, in live seat mode, by their lead purchasers, are immediately recognised when they use the original voucher code again for any further live event. But they may have to type in a code received via their mobile phone, in order to complete their virtual ‘order’.


The product selection and registration process is fully automated for those needing to be registered for Recordings Only. This larger body of people are all automatically registered for all the webinars, and need to do nothing else at all, other than wait for the follow-up email that ultimately comes after the live event has run, and the recording is available.

Already delivered events are immediately accessible as recordings (see below for access instructions) by way of an email that comes to all those using the voucher code for registering, with links to all such existing recordings. Of course the personnel receiving them only need to do the ones that they are advised to do by the lead purchaser, or the ones they want to do for their own professional interests.

Getting playback of the Recording when it’s convenient to listen to it

  • The recording plays via this site, – so if you can get the site at your work place or college, you ought to be able to get the recording.
  • The recording should play back successfully on laptops and PCs, tablets etc, even Macs, with Adobe Flash Player installed, and on Apple devices such as I-phones and I-pads despite Flash not functioning on those devices. We have tried our best here to make access as inclusive as possible.
  • The day after any live webinar has been delivered, a follow-up email will come to the email address on which you registered, for that particular webinar or for the ‘Recordings ONLY’ version of the event.
  • The follow-up email gives you a hyperlink to an online space, from which the recording is streamed for playback.
  • The process is a 4 stage one as follows:
  • Receive recording link by email. Log on to personal account on the blogsite including validation through mobile telephone text message with a code. Activate the recording link by clicking on the emailed hyperlink once one has got through to one’s account page. Manage playback.
  • In more detail: one has to log in again, on the site, with one’s personal account details, EITHER by clicking on the link for the relevant recording that one has just received by email (OR by using the My Account tab in the Webinars menu, if it shows to you on your own device – but since we think it DOESN’T show on Macs, the alternative of just clicking on the specific url recording link you will have been sent that month, is a failsafe for any user).
  • Logging in means using your email and password for your account.
  • You’ll find that after logging on and getting let through to your account page, that’s when you need to Ctrl+click on the relevant link for the recording you wish to access, from within the email that you’ve received the recording links through (regardless of whether you already just did that, at the beginning, to trigger the Log On process). That is, one then needs to click on the webinar recording link in the follow-up email that it came in, once again, and the recording then opens up and can be managed by following the instructions on the playback page.


Troubleshooting the 2FA code to validate your access

  • Logging in on the account as described above, automatically generates a 6 digit code on your mobile phone number, that comes by text: this is for validating your credentials.
  • If for any reason it does not come in one minute, (weak signal etc, you are invited to click again for another one. The only other problem we have had to deal with from time to time has been with phones on EE where the number has been ported (sometimes unbeknownst to the current holder) from another network. For those poor people, the answer seems to be (believe it or not!) switching their phones OFF and on again!!
  • You can email [email protected] and say that “Your client, Belinda Schwehr, Care and Health Law, has asked me to pass on to you my number that is not receiving the 2FA code when I try to access the protected material, and I will be available for a test to my phone between [put in a time slot]. I am on [name the network].”
  • When you have put in your password and email address, you are required to type into a box on screen the 6 digit code from your phone and click on Confirm.
  • One then needs to clicks on the webinar recording link in the follow up email that it came in, once again, and the recording opens up and can be managed by following the instructions on the playback page.
  • Any problems with the recording playback:  see the bottom of this page for IPAD and ad blocker related advice.
  • You can see the materials, online, during the play back, but they are not for downloading. You can of course pause the recording, for a better look!
  • The follow-up recording link works only for the registered user – it won’t work if forwarded, with non-registrants. The recordings are not for public dissemination and numerous repeated attempts to log in on the same credentials, will be tracked.  Yes, I want to spread the knowledge, but I am not a charity! 🙂
  • if you have selected the Pay for a Past Event route into buying a recording, (a purchase mode that is not yet available but is in development) you get the relevant link and instructions for access as soon as you have placed your order, for use when you need it, and you can watch it three times.

Managing the playback of the Recording

  • You can make the recording window bigger, by clicking on the Expand Arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the recording window. It opens up in a larger screen mode. To get out of that mode, you click on Esc on your own keyboard.
  • You can control the volume by way of the loudspeaker button next to the arrows button, to the left.
  • You can pause the recording by clicking on it at any time, to read the materials, for instance.
  • You can stop listening, by pausing as above, and return, within a generous window, in the course of a working day or an evening, and just click on the screen again – it should start where you’d left off.
  • If you need to return on a different day, you can go back to your email and click on the link again and get another authentication code, but you should note where you get to, time-wise, in this scenario, from the time counter on the left of the window – and when you return again, move the circular button from left to right to find the same time spot, once more.


Problems with the Recording playback: 


  • If you have problems with the playback and are NOT on an IPAD, try using Chrome instead of internet explorer as your browser, and check whether you have an ad blocker or security plug in installed, which you might need to disable.
  • If you are on an IPAD, the video streaming platform company may have to do something to the recording to optimise its playback on IOS devices. Get in touch, and we will do our best.