Recent cases and complaints

This page includes titles of posts that discuss some recent cases and complaints. Click on a link below to read the full post.


4 thoughts on “Recent cases and complaints”

  1. Julia Roberts

    Good morning,
    In my role I’m new to working with the Care Act 2014 – please can anyone advise me as to its challenges as I seem to be reading that one of the main is the role of advocacy and how it is going to be sustained. Further am I right in saying that this is the first time an act has introduced a more active role in working with prisoners.

  2. Johanna Wills

    My son has autism and he has been in a care home for the last twenty years. He has had access to car transport as part of his package for support workers to take him out in to access activities of interest, supported employment, voluntary work and to visit family with one to one support also provided through out. Social Services have informed me that they are no longer prepare to pay for access to a car. My son cannot use public transport due to his anxieties etc. They are still prepared to provide one to one support but have not been able to offer any alternative ways of him engaging in these activities. The reason they have given for their withdrawal of this funding is that it is not specified in the Care Act. As a result my son will lose his job and his mental health will rapidly deteriorate. Any advice welcome as I am not sure if I have a case to challenge this decision and on what basis?
    I look forward to hearing from you Anna Brown

    1. Belinda SchwehrBelinda Schwehr

      We can’t service this sort of enquiry on a site like this. It’s a request for legal advice and complex because the car transportation has probably come via the Care Home using people’s mobility component and not even been part of his Care Act package that’s been commissioned by the council. I can only suggest making the request via a referral on‘s top line Referral form link. We can allocate the query to a volunteer charging/care package expert for a cost effective analysis. You need to act fast as his wellbeing is being ignored comprehensively…

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