All 12 Adult Social Care webinars 2016/2017


All 12 Adult Social Care webinars 2016/2017

Advocacy, Assessment and Eligibility - carers (Original Recording)
Deprivation of liberty in non DoLS settings (Original Recording)
Advocacy, Assessment and Eligibility - service users - (Original Recording)
Choice of Accommodation and Top Ups (Original Recording)
Councils' commissioning duties and powers (Original Recording)
Indicative personal budgets prior to planning (Original Recording)
Advice and Information, Prevention and Equipment (Original Recording)
Lawful Care Planning (Service Users) and Support Planning (Carers) (Original Recording)
Continuing Ordinary Residence, and continuity without it (Original Recording)
Safeguarding under the Care Act (Original Recording)
Direct Payment pros and cons (Original Recording)
Reviews, Re-assessments and Revisions (Original Recording)
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All 12 Adult Social Care webinars 2016/2017