Consultancy and Care Act Compliance

Belinda gives advice – legal advice, up to and including writing stern letters to a council’s Monitoring Officer (usually the Head Lawyer) or a CCG’s governance officers and senior management, for a quick exocet missile regarding alleged illegality or other wrongdoing, in public law terms. The idea is that this is more effective than the complaints system, which is not apt or well equipped to deal with LEGAL issues….and that it’s better to TRY to sort it out rather than spend money on a proper law firm lawyer or barrister, straight off.

Belinda is not a regulated or practising lawyer although she has been both a barrister and a solicitor in the long distant past.

What she does is provide consultancy about the legal framework and people’s rights and obligations, and this is not the same as being a solicitor doing reserved legal work (conducting proceedings).

So Belinda’s advice can help you resolve an issue without going to court, but if it doesn’t work, you may well need to instruct a lawyer who does community care work. They will be able to make the most of points already made by THIS service, so it’s not money wasted, we hope.

There’s a list of possibilities for FORMAL legal advice, on another post on this site, if you put ‘Monitoring officer’ in the search box to the right.

Belinda charges £135 an hour + VAT for this sort of advice work, and needs it to be understood that she has no junior staff doing the hard work – so she needs people to help her to help them, by sending her an email first, about the issues, rather than just phoning.

This can be hard, if you don’t know what has gone wrong, in legal terms, but you just feel sure that something has, so please just write it down and Belinda will give everyone who does this a half hour for free so that nobody’s time is wasted.

Please, IF YOU USE THE PHONE NUMBERS on this site for leaving a message with Belinda, PLEASE ENSURE YOU STATE YOUR NAME AND NUMBER CLEARLY AT THE BEGINNING because the machine can cut you off, and not all numbers are visible for ringback or 1571 services.