Care and Health Law

….is Belinda Schwehr’s personal trading name – under which she has plied her legal, analytic and speaking skills, for over 18 years.

It’s a micro-enterprise, ie it’s just her, and her trusty administrator – although it has sometimes done big things, using her Care Act team, and other contractors – or come up with big ideas whose time has finally come, like Webinars for delivering sophisticated and essential, but what would otherwise be expensive face to face training, to front line and senior management, in public bodies….

Care and Health Law now only offers training to public bodies. Belinda offers her expertise to other sorts of bodies through CASCAIDr, the charity she launched in 2018 (see

Face to Face trainers will always be needed by organisations, but if you have to cut your training budget, in order to get promoted to being a senior manager or Director of Adult Social Services, clearly webinars offer a strategically sensible way forward: they include the recordings, can be shared with partners, and avoid venue, and the trainer’s travel and accommodation costs. Please see the Webinars page on the top menu bar on this site, for information about how to benefit from the 2016-2017 series which Belinda delivered to hundreds of people working in the sector over that period.

This blogsite,, is owned by Belinda/Care and Health Law. It’s the campaigning and controversial front door to other services provided by Belinda trading as Care and Health Law.

The business provides training, short talks, consultancy, vetting, and dispute resolution services to the public sector. It’s also the online home of what used to be Care and Health Law’s dedicated Law Database, to which you can now buy access, by buying a membership package in CASCAIDr Trading Ltd.

CASCAIDr Trading’s parent company, CASCAIDr itself, is an organisation seeking to change the way law is treated, in health and social care sectors. It’s a company limited by guarantee, with a Board of Trustees and some purposes involving education of the public, support of the third sector and use of crowdfunding to preserve of the promise of the Care Act, through enforcing legal principles in care law.

CASCAIDr is a new and now primary venture for Belinda, as its voluntary Chief Executive, in to the (hopefully) charitable sector, to give free advice about the worst disregard of legal principle in care and support. Its inception has been driven by what’s happened to the rule of law, funding for advice services, to the strangulation of the training market in legal framework principles, to what used to be a public service ethic and presumed professional integrity in the public sector and of course, because of what’s happened to legal aid.

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