The menu and dates for all 18 available webinars 2016-2017


Black = ordinary                         Blue = Specials

April 6 (2pm) Advocacy, Assessment and Eligibility – service users
May 4 (11am) The Continuing Health Care and NHS interface with the Care Act (Special Webinar)
May 4 (2pm) Advocacy, Assessment and Eligibility – carers
June 1 (2pm) Deprivation of liberty in non-DoLS settings
July 6 (11am) Housing and Homelessness interface with the Care Act (Special Webinar)
July 6 (2pm) Indicative personal budgets prior to planning
August 3 (2pm) Lawful Care Planning (service users) and Support  Planning  (Carers)
September 7 (11am) Children and Families Interface with the Care Act (Special Webinar)
September 7 (2pm) Choice of Accommodation and Top-Ups
October 5 (2pm) Direct Payments ‘pros’ and ‘cons’
November 2 (11am) No Recourse to Public Funds and the Care Act (Special Webinar)
November 2 (2pm) Continuing Ordinary Residence, and Continuity
Dec 7 (2pm) Councils’ commissioning duties and powers
January 11 (11am) Section 117 clients and the Care Act (Special Webinar)
January 11 (2pm) Reviews, Re-assessments and Revisions
February 1 (2pm) Safeguarding under the Care Act
March 1 (11am) Case law update on Adult Social Care Law and the MCA (Special Webinar)
March 1 (2pm) Advice and Information, Prevention and Equipment